We are Building Doctors

Unexpected damage to your building threatens your safety and your finances. Our team will diagnose the problem, prescribe the repairs, and guide the process to restore your building, your safety, and your investment.

J2 Building Consultants is a team of engineers, architects, and project managers that specialize in helping building owners manage remediation projects for condominiums, apartments, and commercial buildings. 
Like a doctor, we have developed a simple 3-step process to make communities healthy.
Diagnose, Prescribe, and Treat. 

Get A Diagnosis

We investigate, interview, look at building history, and create a plan to help you understand what is wrong with the building. 

Our Diagnosis Process

Fill Your Prescription

We develop scope of repair based on your budget, code requirements, and extent of the damage, and we get your input on updating the look of the building to increase property values.

How We Prescribe

Begin Treatment

We act as your representative when consulting with a team of specialists. We make sure your project is completed correctly, on-time, and within budget.

Treatment Process



We have developed a strategic process to diagnose the root cause of the problems with your building, prescribe cost-effective repairs, and provide leadership and expertise to the restoration process. We manage the project from start to finish so you don't have to worry about things getting done. Our clients and building residents appreciate the stress-free approach to making valuable improvements to their building, and we love seeing healthy communities!


We provide service packages for condominiums, apartments, and commercial buildings as well as offering our expertise for contractors and attorneys in the field.  

Healthy Buildings Lead to Happy Testimonials + Reviews!

"They worked hard to make sure the contractors stayed on schedule, tracked the costs of the project, inspected the work completed, and kept the board informed.

Past Client

"J2’s window performance testing demonstrated that the windows could be saved, in place, saving us $325,000 – thank you!


"It has been great working with J2. I never worry about whether I am going to get this piece of information, or that question answered. I just know you guys are on it.

General Contractor

"Hiring a consultant makes our job a lot easier, you actually end up saving money along the way. It streamlines the process and makes sure the contractors are doing what they're being paid to do. 

Casey Groves, Roofing Contractor

"We needed a really strong architectural firm to support us. We consider J2 to be the most dependable and productive consultant we've ever used. Our experience with J2 has been excellent. 

Sandy Smith, Condominium Board President

"Without question, this is the way we're going to do work from now on. Working with J2 has been a very rewarding experience and a successful partnership that has saved us money. 

Mitch, Association Board Member and General Manager


It's our mission to heal sick buildings, so we publish free tips to help building owners and residents recognize the warning signs of underlying damage. Follow along to get your questions answered, learn more about DIY inspections, and more!


Have questions about your building? Diagnosis is an important first step to healing. View our calendar to schedule a phone call or a live video conference and our Building Doctors will help you start the healing process. 



We know everyone doesn't have the money to hire a professional every time, so we've created guides to help you do it yourself. Check out our guidebooks and email newsletters to keep up with inspecting and maintaining your building to extend its life.


J2 Building Consultants was founded by Jens Johanson in 2007. Since then, J2 has expanded to locations in Washington, Oregon, and Utah, and has done projects all over the western U.S. 

Jens has built a collaborative team of engineers, architects, designers, certified inspectors, project managers, and administrative staff to support the mission of healing sick buildings. 

"I've built a team that is passionate about healing sick buildings and excited to see communities thrive once repaired. J2's experts are always on call to help diagnose your building problems. Give us a call anytime to talk to the doctors, or schedule a check-up today!

- Jens

Jens Johanson



J2’s focus and experience as a firm is related entirely on existing structure renovations. We specialize in occupied remediation of condominiums, commercial offices, medical clinics, hospitals, and event centers with minimal impact to the occupants. We believe our client’s are our best assets therefore developing lifelong partnerships is truly the key to our success.


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